About Us

The Thinker Cambodia is a commentary and analysis forum on foreign affairs. We objectively feature on geopolitics, geo-economics, and security. We aim to promote scholarly understanding of foreign affairs in Cambodia through fresh and insightful perspectives from Cambodian young scholars.

Our work is to thoughtfully provide Cambodian people, especially youth, a critical look at regional and foreign affairs so that they would be able to contextualize the issues based on tangible evidence.

We also provide an accessible platform for youth, students, researchers, policymakers, and the public to express their ideas and perspectives on the concerned issues so their voice could be publicly heard and would be considerably put into the policy-setting process.

The Thinker Cambodia was established by Cambodian youths for the Cambodian youths on matters of foreign affairs.

Our Team

Mr. Sovinda Po

Strategic Advisor

Mr. Vann Bunna

Co-founder and President

Mr. Rim Sokvy

Co-founder and Program Manager

Ms. Thang Sinorn

Project coordinator and Graphic Designer 

Mr. Keat Sao

Project Officer

Ms. Thannthanha Roth

Event Coordinator